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New Spoilers

Hi Shane, I will give a short explanation concerning the new spoilers. In Germany only a few people have got Pay TV. At present the second staffel of Galactica is broadcasted by the Pay-TV "Premiere" and later by the free "RTL II". Beside the must-spoilers, the both new spoilers are additionally service spoilers ONLY for Episodes. Thus you know, which episode was sent by Pay TV and which one by Free TV. I hope, you can agree with that. ---- Suggestion for your own Account: "Hallo, meine Muttersprache ist Englisch. Ich spreche definitiv kein Wort Deutsch. Aber ich werde mein Bestes geben, es hier durch meine Mitarbeit als Systemoperator zu lernen." what means in english "Hallo, I am a native english speaker. I definitivly speak not a word German. But I will do my best, to learn it by doing my sysop job." -- Tirkon 01:34, 4. Sep 2006 (CDT)

That is fine. it's the german wiki so I have have no idea how you guys gotta run things here to keep people from being spolied. I like the setup accually. :) That's really werid with the TV system. I am sure the DVDs being released will be easier instead of people watching TV. Anyway, if there every any problems, let me know here. I have this on my watch list and I know when someone responds to me. :) --Shane 01:39, 4. Sep 2006 (CDT)

Vorlage Diskussion:Episodenliste

Vorlage Diskussion:Episodenliste Could you have a look?

Preferences language German does not work

Hi Shane! If I switch Preferences to language to de-Deutsch (=German), then I get an english skin. -- Tirkon 04:23, 6. Sep 2006 (CDT)

Ok. I will add this to my to do list for later today. I got to go to bed now.6am est. me tired. lol --Shane 04:30, 6. Sep 2006 (CDT)
Figured out the problem. Working on it. :-) --Shane 10:54, 9. Sep 2006 (CDT)

Automatic Link-Changing

  • Do I have the possibility to automatic change links, if I want to remove a redirect?
  • i.e.: I want to change [[ABC]] to [[DEF]] *then *[[ABC]] is changed to [[DEF|ABC]] *and *[[ABC|XYZ]] is changed to [[DEF|XYZ]] at every side and every link, where [[ABC]] or [[ABC|XYZ]]does appear.
  • -- Tirkon 05:00, 6. Sep 2006 (CDT)
Leider ist das nicht möglich. Du kannst mit Spezial:Linkliste (oder an der Linkerseite unter "Werkzeuge" "Links auf diese Seite") sehen welche Seiten Links nach dieser Weiterleidung haben, und sie selbst ändern. Es gibt auch einen Bot der diese Dinge en masse machen kann. Wenn du den nutzen willst, frage es mal an Shane, er ist der Botmaster. --Catrope 20:31, 22. Aug. 2007 (CEST)

Interwiki Links

Hi, where can I change or set up Interwiki Links? We'd like to have one to the german Memory Alpha and maybe some others as well. -- Astfgl 16:31, 28. Nov. 2006 (CST)

Umm.. just send me a list that you want. I have to add it to the Database. Shane 03:29, 2. Dez. 2006 (CST)
We need one to the german Memory-Alpha (the old [[memoryalpha:de:Article]]-Hack does not work anymore) and to the Jedipedia (it's like Wookiepedia in German). -- Astfgl 08:29, 3. Dez. 2006 (CST)
made for MemoryAlpha, jedi for Wookiepedia. The english ones still exist. Shane 08:04, 27. Dez. 2006 (CET)


Hi, the timezone if this wiki is currently "CST". Can it be changed to "Europe/Berlin"? This can be done by adding/changing the value $wgLocaltimezone to "Europe/Berlin" in the LocalSettings.php file of this wiki. Thanks! --Akagi 09:38, 2. Dez. 2006 (CST)

Done. Shane 00:59, 27. Dez. 2006 (CST)

The report of my death...

has been greatly exaggerated. Certain issues kept me from doing anything here (or anywhere else) during the last weeks (months?), but I'm back now. Btw, thanks for the Interwiki-Links and the Timezone-Thing. -- Astfgl 14:31, 19. Jan. 2007 (CET)

yay! wb. :-) Shane 17:27, 19. Jan. 2007 (CET)

Upgraded to Sys-Op

Hey! :-) Thanks for 'sys-opping' me... I think. ;-) Anything I have to do with my new-found powers? ;-) --CC-Mel 10:54, 24. Jan. 2007 (CET)

Enforce, and talk with Astfgl to coordinate things. Your welcome. :-) Shane 16:04, 25. Jan. 2007 (CET)

Username Policy

Hey! :-) Thanks for the input about blocking usernames like Galactica or Helo within one day, didn't know that. Oh, and your (babelfish-)German is getting really good! :-) Greetings, --CC-Mel 17:03, 11. Mär. 2007 (CET)

Helo is fine for 1 week per the policy. Not Galactica. It's to common along with the show. Shane 17:09, 11. Mär. 2007 (CET)

"Recent Changes" creates error message

The page "Recent Changes" in the german Wiki creates the error message

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 20971520 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 4980736 bytes) in /home/bsgwiki/w/extensions/UserStats/SpecialUserStats_body.php on line 1693

Maybe this can be fixed, because without this page it is nearly impossible to check the recent editings. --Akagi 20:46, 5. Dez. 2007 (CET)

It has something to do with the User Statistics extension... I've disabled it. Should be smooth sailing now. -- Joe Beaudoin Jr. 06:21, 6. Dez. 2007 (CET)


Hi shane I have translated and changed a lot of articels this week (3.6. and 4.6.08) but now i cannot find this changes? And my edit counter is back to 1187 from much more than 1200... whats happened? [you can delete this charpter if we are finished] --Enabran 18:18, 7. Jun. 2008 (CEST)

Oh. We had a database crash. :( That's the problem. :( Check the blog. Shane 21:35, 7. Jun. 2008 (CEST)
Does this mean that my work was for nothing? or can you bring it back?
Yeah. We lost stuff to on the EN database. I am very sorry about it. Shane 21:49, 7. Jun. 2008 (CEST)
Have have fix the backup problem where we will be backing up daily so we don't have any more losses every again. Shane