Viper 8737

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Viper 8737 in Galacticas Backbordhangardeck (Miniserie).

Viper 8737NC ist eine der Mark II Viper die aus dem Museum von der Galactica genommen werden. Sie wurde zuvor von Steady geflogen (Miniserie).

Captain Kara Thrace fliegt die 8737 auf einer Kampfpatrouille Betankungsoperation during fleet refueling operations. She pursues what she believes to be a Cylon Heavy Raider in this Viper and both are nearly lost when she dives deep into the gas giant's atmosphere. The Viper is lost during a later CAP along with Thrace when it is crushed by the intense atmospheric pressure of the planet after Thrace descends below the so-called "hard deck" (Maelstrom).